Alibaba Cloud, also known as Aliyun, is a cloud computing company, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group. Alibaba Cloud provides cloud computing services to online businesses and Alibaba’s own e-commerce ecosystem. Its international operations are registered and headquartered in Singapore.
As a privately owned secure data storage and hosting provider based in Switzerland, Artmotion offers cutting-edge server solutions in fortified data center that boasts AES 256-Bit XTS data encryption for businesses of all sizes across 30 countries.
Atlex is a world-known and experienced company on the hosting market, offering professional and communication services since 1996. Data centers are located in Russia and Europe and match the level Tier III and local law.
Amazon public clouds account 175 fully functional services from cloud computing to content delivery. Data centers are located all around the world, serving both startup, enterprize and government needs.
Cloud computing services based on Microsoft-managed data centers network. Centers are completed with tools for increasing security and fault tolerance and offer a variety of languages and frameworks for both Microsoft-specific and third-party software and systems.
The biggest cloud computing services provider and one of the leading companies in providing information technology and data transmission services in Lithuania, operating since 1996. The company employs over 140 professionals, who ensure smooth provision of services for over 5400 corporate customers through Tier 3 data centers.
Founded in 2009, the company now owns a number of international and local certificates and holds on to the top spots for the last three years as a service provider with data centers in Russia and Europe.
In 2001, Salzburg-online and Tech-Consult merged. This gave birth to conova communications GmbH. Today, the Austrian IT service company is equally owned by Salzburg AG and the Salzburger Nachrichten.
Company provides smart solutions for such demanding types of business as banks, retail, or healthcare. Services are governed by high standards of the corporate data safety, high availability and flexibility, and complected with experienced specialists and network of data centers.
Cyberlink provides connectivity services as well as data center services, including one of the most modern cloud platforms in Switzerland. For the past 10 years Cyberlink has continuously received top ratings in the annual Bilanz Telekom survey.
One of the biggest hosting-providers with a wide variety of data centers across the globe including main traffic exchange nodes. Adoptable services make it possible to create, expand and share applications with server uptime 99,99%
Google Cloud
Cloud services, offered by Google, are based on the same infrastructure that Google uses for its end-user products like Gmail or Youtube. Alongside classic services there goes a set of management tools and cloud products for enterprises.
From bare metal servers to serverless compute, IBM offers resources for any workload. Numerous services are based on a global data centers network and three hardware platforms for all kinds of cloud computing and virtualization with management tools upon it.
IBS Datafort
An experienced and steady cloud vendor provides failure-free services for clients since 2001. IBS DataFort is an affiliate company to the key technological partner of leading Russian companies.
One of the largest Russian cloud providers offers services for enterprises and government needs since 2008. Based on market leaders' solutions, IT-Grad own infrastructure ensures a high fail-safety and security level.
One of the biggest European providers with offices and data centers in Europe, Asia and the USA. Network consists of more than 50 presence points and 33 Internet exchanges across the globe. The network has a bandwidth capacity of at least 3.0 Tbit/s and uptime of 99.999%.
Cloud platform by «Onlanta» represent a diverse variety of scalable SaaS services for businesses of any scale. Cloud infrastructure is based on high-end servers and data storage systems provided by leading hardware suppliers.
Fail-safe Oracle Corporation network with data centers all over the globe provides advanced cloud services and tools suited for every need. The services support numerous standards, open-source applications, programming languages, databases, tools, and frameworks.
Cloud services platform is based on the infrastructure of its founder, Sberbank — the largest bank throughout East Europe and CIS. Platform services are based on innovative opportunities of AI and one of the world’s top supercomputers Christofari.
Selectel offers comprehensive infrastructure, cloud solutions and professional services for any size business: from startups to multinational corporations. Company provides services based on Tier III data centers to over 15000 clients worldwide.
Softline is one of the TOP5 Russian cloud solutions providers of SaaS and IaaS and owns a number of the highest partnership marks. The company protects data-centers' security in tune with world security standards and provide 99,95% of service access.
A subsidiary of Russian cloud market leader Servionika LLC was founded in 2018 and offers a wide variety of services based on its own secure data center.
TS-Cloud platform and data centers of level Tier III meet the requirements for cyber-security standards whereas the provider itself is a part of the «Tehnoserv» group and has a 25-year track record for system integration.
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