How we boosted Internet speed

01. Company
Region Leader

We were approached by one of the largest regional satellite service providers that owns a network of ground stations and provides services to private and state corporations.






downloaded per Gb

02. Problem
Satellite Connection: Costly & Slow

Given the high prime cost of satellite resources, channels offered poor capacity to handle a large base of users and devices. Filtering traffic, protecting it from network and infrastructure attacks, or complying with applicable law proved next to impossible. The company could not use plans or quotes, either; nor could it prioritize traffic to ensure stable operation.

«Being a satellite service provider in today’s world dominated by Netflix and YouTube is a hard sell. We need to provide high-grade client experience at a budget-friendly price, enjoying a by far weaker resource base than conventional carriers. Ultimately, the mission of staying relevant seems unattainable unless specialized systems are involved.»

All that ended up causing frequent failures, heavy support service load and customer churn.


support desk tickets per year


channels conveying encrypted HTTPS traffic


fines and lost profit per year

We planned to establish a network security framework, boost bandwidth and configure agile traffic channel control to avoid further losses.

03. Solution
Streamlining processes
Deploying equipment

On ground stations, we located behavioral analysis systems to prevent attacks of any scale and install routers to visualize traffic flows, thus avoiding channel overloads.

Configuring policies

In the visualized network, we set up automatic prioritization for critical business applications and automatic notifications and recommendations sent to administrators should there occur abnormal behavior of users or devices.

Creating plans

We integrated routers with the carrier’s billing system to create payment plans and traffic limits.

04. Result
Order restored

lower data line load


decrease in the yearly-average channel load


user base count boost

  • 0 attack-induced accidents
  • 100% successfully passed regulator inspections
  • 13% fewer support tickets
  • a project in progress dedicated to enabling secure Internet connection in schools located in remote regions
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