How we protected an online video streaming service

01. Company
Record & Broadcast Studio

A popular media company contacted us. It works in two domains: production and distribution of copyright content, which makes it stand out from the competition. It stores large data volumes in data centers leased from various cloud providers. Further, every now and then the company purchases more resources for development and post-production.


copyright content items

100 hr

generated content


long-standing users

02. Problem
Unmanageable system load

The company produces content on an end-to-end basis, thus entailing twice as many problems and a giant sporadic load on the infrastructure during renders or releases. All this results in failures and no backup available. Concurrently with the inner-system problems, exclusive content makes the infrastructure too cyber attack-appealing, while end-user QoE can barely be managed.

At worst, the company ends up losing data and therefore spends a fortune restoring it. At best, this spills over into failed deadlines, lost profit, client dissatisfaction, with the latter posing a serious threat to a company operating in a highly competitive realm.

80 hr

wasted on idle time and vulnerabilities identification per year


infrastructure resource lease cost per year

150 hr

spent on restoring content lost per year

The objective was to optimize the infrastructure and ensure security, all without interrupting content generation or end-user services, since idle time or delays translate into a downturn in revenue and customer loyalty.

03. Solution
Streamlining processes
Creating an integrated multicloud environment

We sewed together all the existing cloud and remote resources into an integrated interface allowing for a quick and free intercloud migration and secure data exchange.

Setting up monitoring & security mechanisms

The control interface is fitted with visualized network and server load dashboards for control and efficient expansion purposes. We have also configured behavior-based security systems.

Distributing resources rationally

We tuned analytics and made some adjustments to optimizing traffic policies based on a client’s device type and service plan. Should there be any changes in premium-user QoE, administrators will receive automatic notifications.

04. Result
Order restored
to 0%

current cyber attack rate


fewer incidents

  • Infrastructure costs decreased by 30%
  • Content generation got 2.5x faster
  • Infrastructure load was mitigated: now every user can enjoy content adapted to the device they use
  • Thanks to up-to-date statistics, the company can reach out to clients with a personalized offer
  • 99.998% uptime guarantee with the SLA
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