01. Company
Sanitary Wares Production

Among our clients was a sanitary engineering manufacturer that owns a large production site with a few buildings and end-product warehouses. Perimeter-wise alarm and surveillance were used as primary guards, with alarm sensors sending data to the duty officer’s panel and the nearest police station.


hectares of the territory




security cameras

Surveillance system servers are located within the plant area; the cameras have got numerous blind spots. There are no motion sensors or permit system, either.

02. Problem
Expensive equipment was stolen due to a security breach

Products collectively worth 7 million were stolen, with thieves having damaged hard drives storing surveillance records.

All that eventually resulted in a number of employee pilferages, easy security breaches and products stolen with next to no chance of finding guilty parties.


worth of products stolen


losses due to idle time and damaged equipment

45 min

duty officer and police response time

The problem required immediate countermeasures as the security downfall could entail more crimes.

03. Solution
Imposing protection measures
Installing sensors and alarms

In critical zones, we deployed motion sensors and alarms to send alerts to the police.

Establishing a secure data storage

We rented a befitting data center allowing for changing the capacity and type in case of abrupt surges of volumes of data stored and frequency of use thereof.

Creating well-protected data lines

We configured dynamic bandwidth adjustment for data uploads and downloads; we also laid down a reserve channel should there be physical damage done to the plant’s utilities and communications.

Tuning up access systems

We created an integrated security camera monitoring and control system, with machine vision implemented to register movements of vehicles and staff. In addition, we introduced access control systems at facilities.

04. Result
Order restored

cases of pilferages and misuse resolved in the first 6 months thanks to our system

  • Full control over the situation, staff and vehicles
  • Continuous access to the cloud storage, backup and archived files (stored for 6 months)
  • Key employees have access to control and alarm systems
  • Regular system tests conducted to detect security breaches
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