01. Company
Zombie in retail

We were approached by an international essential goods retail chain with 12 stores in Russia. The stores used numerous IoT-devices provided by several vendors. Cashpoints, office equipment and security were difficult to manage; ensuring security was out of the question, too.


IoT devices





02. Problem
Identity fraud and hours-long downtime

The private network caused delays in security updating and simple or default passwords were used in an overwhelming majority of the devices.


hours per year of downtime, investigation and recovery periods


retailer’s losses caused by downtime


lost customer private data

Intruders scanned and infected devices to steal customer data and block cash registers.

Customers were unable to use a loyalty card or check out due to frequent network downtimes, with the situation ending up in customer outflow.

03. Solution
Setting up processes

The problem required an efficient solution with no downtime caused.

Installing equipment

Each store was fitted with remote sensors for traffic analysis and anomaly detection.

Detecting abnormal traffic

We allocated unusual traffic in an isolated data stream to avoid contacts and conflicts with other applications and devices.

Keeping the admin informed

The system automatically imposes restrictions on all suspicious devices, while notifying the admin thereof.

Blocking suspicious devices and traffic

Data can be banned both manually and automatically by the system. All infected devices will be offline for the lockdown period.

04. Result
Order restored

minutes per year


minutes per year

  • Detailed online network capacity and security analysis
  • No downtime
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