How we sped up the progress

01. Company
Internet service provider

Among our clients was an internet service provider that owns 3 data centers, interconnections with six superior operators and broad data lines. The provider offers its services to 3.5 thousand private clients and 1.5 thousand entities.


Tier 3 data centers


data lines


B2B clients

02. Problem
Regular capital costs grow over the operating

For every new service, the provider has to purchase and deploy new equipment, expand the team with highly-qualified specialists and immediately ensure the best SLA. With that in mind, the provider has to factor in high-grade security maintenance, quick implementation and launch and efficient project closure should the demand decline.

«In fact, we failed to provide our clients even with the services we had at our disposal. Every single new service therefore required more specialists with no chance of developing in time.»

All that entailed high risks and heavy costs incurred when introducing new services, thus making the company’s growth shift into low gear, and competitiveness, deteriorate.


market study opportunities


years to market a product


implementation cost of every product

Optimizing the legacy services and providing for secure and efficient introduction of new services were set as goals.

03. Solution
Streamlining processes
Deploying equipment

We placed service nodes in the client’s data centers to be able to use emma under white label.

Integrating with emma

We linked the provider’s systems with the units of our platform; we also set up the instruments to help the support desk remain available 24/7.

Setting up quick functions

We tuned up the system for fast implementation, selection, launch and disabling of services for end users.

04. Result
Order restored

From 500 to 15 day-service implementation with emma


lower implementation costs

  • End-user services are connected in a tick
  • Staff expansion is not required to introduce new products or services
  • emma distributes the peak hours chart between the superior providers' channels
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