How we made a network integrated

01. Company
International Supermarket Chain

We were contacted by an international supermarket chain with an in-house engineering & development department. The company owns several corporate cloud applications for clients and employees; it also uses several public platforms and a distributed development framework.


stores in the area


apps being developed


public clouds

02. Problem
Siloed resources & regular outsource

Distributing, managing and disabling resources for different teams seemed unattainable for a long time. Cloud services were not integrated, thus impeding migration, hindering intercloud data exchange and causing frequent fails and data losses. Handling several virtual frameworks demanded extra resources, with outsourcing most of the issues for third-party companies and/or employees to resolve.


hours per year spent to ensure seamless cloud services interaction


outsourced companies


yearly expenses

All that resulted in the inflated employee count, frequent idle times, delayed releases and updates, and a lot of siloed non-staff employees in charge of third-party services.

The mission was to arrange for unified resource management and optimize operations within the corporate multicloud.

03. Solution
Streamlining processes
Ensuring a secure multicloud environment

We integrated existing public and private clouds into the emma platform for convenient management purposes; we also established network connectivity between virtual machines from different cloud providers.

Helping end users feel secure

Ensuring client-to-provider and provider-to-provider data security.

Setting up analytics

Enabling up-to-date resource consumption and security reporting.

04. Result
Order restored

saved per year thanks to emma

  • 1 contract, support desk & SLA
  • 18 providers and 70+ locations across 4 continents: with coverage like this, selecting, connecting and changing the encryption method has never been faster
  • AES 256-BIT XTS data protection
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