01. Company
Coworking space

We were approached by one of the largest coworking space companies in the city. The client owns several floors of the business center, providing office space for an impressive number of residents. Every day the residents hold numerous meetings, presentations and calls. Moreover, multiple resident and guest devices are overloading local network with no traffic prioritization employed.


connected personal devices


meetings, calls and presentations every day


guest devices every day

02. Problem
Identity theft and regular lags

An unstable local network proved it next to impossible to arrange quality streams. To make matters worse, personal data were leaked regularly.

The network was unsafe and unstable during the working hours due to no traffic distribution or filtration tools in place.

The provider kept offering to expand the channel, but to no avail. Events still presented a problem, hence clients leaving for the competitors.

03. Solution
Setting up processes
Analyzing the network and installing equipment

We detected troubled network nodes and located the places to install sensors and wireless hotspots.

Arranding a security system

The system that detects and prevents breaches and data leaks was installed and configured to tailor clients' needs. We also set up notifications to admin and users. Now they immediately inform the admin about any vulnerability or incident. Restriction on data transfer will automatically be imposed on devices with abnormal traffic flow.

Traffic prioritization

We created several network rate plans to fit every resident. We have also set up traffic prioritization by applications and type of data. Critical applications now are the top priority. The network was visualized up to layer 7, thus allowing an admin to quickly reconfigure resource allocation.

04. Result
Order restored

The coworking space now has tools to monetize network. Moreover, our client has switched from 500 Mbit/s to the required 200 Mbit/s under the provider’s Internet plan.

Negative reviews
Positive reviews

previous number of residents


number of residents in six months

  • The number of satisfied users has increased tenfold, while the number of meetings and calls has experienced an 8-times upturn.
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