How we helped a cloud provider grow and develop

01. Company
Cloud Service Provider

We were approached by a major global cloud service provider offering its clients access to public cloud spaces based on the solutions from the market-leading virtualization vendor VMware. Global companies account for around 90% of the operator’s clients, with 80% having multiple points of presents across the globe and using at least two public clouds.






countries of operation

02. Problem
Integration failure and security issues

The majority of the clients comprising global corporations employ the following approach to using clouds:

  • a public cloud is leased from two or more cloud providers to ensure continuous access to the company’s web application across multiple markets, regardless of a potential failure on the part of the cloud provider;
  • a private or hybrid cloud serves to develop and test new versions of the web application and ensure privacy of sensitive data within the corporation.

As a warranted industrial standard, this approach is subject to a few restrictions, namely:

  • every cloud management panel is provided with an individual Service License Agreement (SLA); should there be an issue or failure, an individual approach is taken when dealing with every cloud and service;
  • services rendered by different providers can rarely be integrated for convenient monitoring and management purposes, thus oftentimes causing to seek—and then set up—similar products in providers' ecosystems;
  • there are no native data migration tools or interprovider infrastructures; hence the expansion requirement of the DevOps staff;
  • required network connectivity between cloud providers and private infrastructure;
  • more technical specialists are required to ensure the security of integrated infrastructures.

public clouds used by a client (on average)


engineers handling cloud infrastructures (on average)


subscriber base YOY organic growth

It all results in the communications operator being at a disadvantage on the highly-competitive market and staying behind the cloud industry behemoths that enjoy wide presence and a multitude of services within their ecosystems.

03. Solution
Streamlining processes
Connecting to the system

We integrated emma into the service provider’s ecosystem. From now on, an end user will get both the VMware public cloud and the full scope of emma functions— and all through the customer’s portal, at that. In particular, they can connect additional services and resources from over 80 cloud providers, receive efficient and competent support and order services designed for specific tasks.

Ensuring secure multinode integration

Thanks to the collaboration with emma, an end user gets a scalable mutlicloud that can be integrated with the client’s current accounts and accounts of other cloud providers, or the in-house cloud or hybrid infrastructure. The extended security settings pertaining to emma help eliminate any issues not covered by the service provider’s existing systems and the platform’s microservices. Meanwhile, value-added services (VAS) integrated into emma make it simple for the service provider to reduce the time-to-market cycle of new products for end users, going from several years to a matter of few days. For more information, please login

Setting up quick functions

Joint marketing and education programs covering emma’s benefits to large companies and global corporations. Hosting collaborative workshops, showcases and public testings for the operator’s existing and new clients.

04. Result
Order restored

average annual bill growth (enterprise segment)


organic client base growth in the first 2 months after integration


client base growth in 12 months after integration


target client base growth in 12 months after integration

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