How we helped automate business processes

01. Company
International Bank

We were approached by a large international bank operating in various countries across 3 continents. The bank enjoys an in-house private data communication network and a state-of-the-art web application. The bank also offers an advanced remote banking service system for a better user experience.


bank’s assets


countries of operation


В2 В clients

02. Problem
Hacks, attacks, and local laws

The bank carries out regular tests to detect remote banking service system intrusions and keeps internal security mechanisms up-to-date, all to ensure legal compliance. All the procedures are also subject to requirements set by the HQ. However, the bank’s web application security does not meet corporate standards.


average fine charged by a regulator


regulators and applicable acts


outsourced companies

All this leads to the company wasting time on managing its business processes manually and ensuring security at its own expense. The ultimate outcome is either high costs or product quality issues.

03. Solution
Streamlining processes
Deploying protection mechanisms

We employed an existing emma-based web application protection system that responds to threats under behavioral analysis and continuous update of vulnerability bases.

Сhecking security

Once we did white-, gray-, and black-box penetration tests, we managed to eliminate all flaws identified.

Gearing up for further work

We set up reporting documents and analytics and repeated the penetration test.

04. Result
Order restored

saved as not spent on fines and outsource teams

  • 100 security standard documents the bank’s systems now comply with;
  • 99.9998% attacks successfully repelled by the security system;
  • 70% fewer complaints from web application users.
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